Craig Scoffone Fine Art Photography
about scoffone Craig Scoffone has been an accomplished professional photographer for over 30 years. Having been a highly in demand commercial photographer in ' silicon valley ' for all these many years, has instilled a level of discipline, of detail, teamwork, and timely delivery, of excellent imagery, in the way Craig works. This is at times, a rare set of characteristics, not often found in the arts world. When looking at the vast array of fine art photographs that Craig has created over the years, one cannot but notice just how varied, how divers, his ' style ' is.

Not one to be stifled by just one, ' identifiable ' style of image making, Craig's approach to the photographic process is quite varied, in the way he goes about creating his images. Taking his work as a whole, you could be hard pressed to correctly guess, that all these different photographs, that often look so very different, from others in his collection, is in fact the work of a single artist. It is this very uniqueness, the challenge to try different things, that keeps this world renowed contemporary artist interested in the continued creation of compelling, and fascinating photographic works of art.

Thank you all so much for being here, and the staff of Scoffone Studios sincerely hopes you enjoy reviewing Craig's fine art compositions. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any question about the purchasing of these works. More information regarding the acquisition of Craig's work can be found at the ' ordering information ' page.